Small, Spanish-Style Kitchen

We recently remodeled a small kitchen in a cute South Pasadena home.  The finished product is one of my favorites because of the creative touches we used to make it look unique.  As someone who loves to cook and take pictures of my food every day, I see the kitchen is the heart of the home.  Most families spend so much time in the kitchen, therefore it is a great place to start a remodel.

Choose a style and stick with it

Our clients have a Spanish style home and wanted that reflected in their kitchen.  That gave us plenty of inspiration for colors, hardware, tile, lighting and other design details.  If your home has a defined style on the outside I always say to stick with that style indoors as well.

Color Your Cabinets

If you don’t have a lot of space but you want to make the kitchen a focal point I suggest going with a pop of color on the cabinets.  We used Benjamin Moore’s Spellbound 1659 to create a bright blue that draws the eye into the kitchen from the laundry room and the dining room.

Have Fun with Hardware

We added fun and funky hardware to compliment the blue cabinets.  The pieces have a twisted, aged and hammered look.  Don’t be afraid to go a little wild with your hardware, it’s a great place to add flair and intrigue.  Also, as styles change it’s the least permanent part of the remodel and can always be updated and replaced.

Use Tile for Texture

A tile backsplash adds glamour and can be used in small kitchens to enhance custom details.  The client wasn’t sure about this Tabarka Studio tile because of its rustic look.  She finally came around to the organic beauty of it when she realized each piece was handmade like art.  It adds character and texture juxtaposed against the clean lines of the slabs and cabinets.

Keep Counters Clean

In order to create the illusion of the most space we went with a clean and simple white slab in this kitchen.  In a small kitchen it’s best not to get too busy with colors or veins in your slab that will just take away from all the other details. We used Caesarstone 5000 London Grey for this project.

Hide Your Dishwasher

In a smaller kitchen, appliances take up most of the room.  As you can see in this kitchen we were able to put a panel over the dishwasher to create a cleaner more streamlined look.  Also, investing in counter depth fridge and a range with ovens below will also add space to your layout.


Our clients’ hearts were set on a Moravian Star pendant.  We loved the look because it tied back to the Spanish style of the house.   This also draws your eyes to the window and up away from the floor and adds a soft layer of light to the kitchen.

Window Treatments

I have always felt window treatments finish the room.  Not only do they allow for privacy, they are the frosting on the cake.  I also added a whimsical trim that tied in the white with the blue.  Trim is an easy inexpensive way to make roman shades look dressed up and custom.

Photos by Erika Bierman