CNI Houseplant Guide Part Two: Easy Low Light Plants

Many clients hesitate to add plants to their homes because they are worried about keeping them alive.  The great thing about the two plants in part two of my houseplant blog series is that the upkeep is minimal and the results beautiful.

ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamifolia)

This plant is an easy one to care for and its beautiful emerald green shiny, waxy green leaves are a crowning touch in any room.  This plant likes light but can grow in low light which makes it perfect for the guest room or den that doesn’t get as much light or foot traffic.  Do not over water the ZZ plant, it can go for a week at a time without much water.  Overwatering will cause the roots at the bottom to rot and the leaves to turn yellow.

Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

This is another plant that is easy to take care of for those of us without green thumbs.  Snake plant, also called mother in laws tongue, plants can deal with lower light but if you want the leaves to grow taller place next to a bright window but not in direct sunlight.  Overwatering can cause rot so make sure to plant a snake plant in a pot that drains well.  Make sure to water along the sides of the plant and not directly onto the plant.  Water only when the top of the soil has dried.  These plants have a very modern feel and go well in this modern Japanese Loft.

Photos by Erika Bierman