Make a cozy napping spot

Turn any room into a snuggly spot for daytime drifting.

bedroom design by charmean neithart interiors, pasadena, calif
This daybed draws you in to snuggle up

I always know when it’s 2 p.m. — no watch required. It’s the same every day, no matter how many hours I slept the night before. My eyelids are heavy and I get that fuzzy feeling. Yep, it’s nap time.

We typically have two periods of intense sleepiness in a 24-hour cycle (between 2–4 a.m. and again 10 hours later). Did you know the ideal nap is 20 to 45 minutes long, and even a 20-minute catnap can improve concentration, coordination and a better mood?

Take a look at for tips on making your bed, hammock or lounge the perfect place to catch a few Zzzzs.

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Create an african look with artifacts

African art objects heighten the visual interest of interior spaces through deep cultural meaning and handmade beauty.

charmean neithart interiors designs with african masks and artifacts
Circular forms are from the Mbole people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

I have been collecting African artifacts for about 15 years. My collection started after a trip to Africa in 1997 with my husband. In the lobby of our hotel was a grouping of masks, textiles and various carved pieces that I will never forget.

The appeal was immediate! I was taken with the geometric nature of the carvings, and the handmade quality of the pieces seemed to tell a story with every detail.

I fell in love with African art objects and decided to learn about them and use them in spaces I design. In addition to their rich significance, they provide visual interest and can be used in modern, transitional and traditional spaces.

Read the full article with photos about  how these Houzz designers have imported Africa into these beautiful and curated spaces.

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How to pick a perfect color palette

Select a whole-house color palette from the beginning of your project

Charmean Neithart Interiors was recently interviewed for a color palette article for

Color palette guidance on

“Interior designer Charmean Niethart makes an important distinction: ‘There are colors that people like and colors that people want to live with — there’s a big difference between the two.’ She says it’s important for clients to discover colors and to decide on their color palette before the sourcing begins. ‘A palette is more than just about a can of paint. It’s lighting, rugs, fabrics, tile, accessories and art — a whole-house palette,’ she says.”

Two sites can help you create a whole-house color palette: Design Seeds and A Creative Mint.

Read the full article on for details, palettes and photos.

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Sacred SpaceAdding spirituality to your home

Bring forth the divine

Religion and interiors are natural partners. I have always been aware of the power of a space to evoke feelings. A well designed room can have an introspective effect on it’s occupants.

An Ethiopian processional cross

In our busy lives a sanctuary at the end of the day can provide calm and rejuvenation.

Whether you are considering a space that is small or grand, there are many ways to incorporate spirituality into your home.

Clear a shelf or even a corner of a room in your home and consider adding a touch of spirituality to your space. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Reference religions of world cultures with accessories
  • Display religious idols or furniture
  • Hang religious art

Reference religions of  world cultures

The worlds cultures are full of interesting customs and beliefs that form their spiritual lives. There are sculptures and artifacts that can be displayed in a room that not only represent a spiritual intent, but offer historical perespective on a particular culture or region.

Display religious idols  or furniture

Religious idols and ceremonial furniture not only add interest in a space, but can serve as a foundation for your own religious accessories. There are small furniture pieces available at antique stores that have specific spiritual intent, like Chinese altar tables.
A Chinese altar table


Religious idols such as Mexican santos can be used on tabletop display to create a small altar in any room or vignette.

A Mexican Santo


An Indian "Damachiya" console with carved Goddesses called Kuladevi

Hang religious art

The easiest space to transform as a spiritual backdrop is wall space. Walls can be used for an installation of religious art. Small statues can be grouped with art to create accent walls in hallways or any room of the house.  Like gallery installations, these spaces are quiet and contemplative . Try this website for religious artifacts and art,

The Virgin Mary with Child

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Spanish Modern: A new twist on Spanish Style

Sometimes two people have different tastes. Sometimes those same two people get married and buy a house. Then what?

I actually don’t consider this to be a problem, it’s one of the fun twists that occur in my job. There are some great surprises that happen when blending two styles.

I’m sure this happens in the culinary world all the time. You have two ingredients that don’t seem to blend, but the careful chef can take those two ingredients and make gastronomic harmony. This was just the case in our latest remodel. The house was a beautiful 1920’s Spanish style. It needed general updating and the floorplan was choppy with a small kitchen and family room.

For this family of four, including two small children, we needed to remodel the entire house. After plans were drawn up and a contractor selected, we got started on the process:

  • Establish a palette and overall style
  • Select materials
  • Decide on a furniture floorplan

The homeowners preferred two different aesthetics. He preferred modern lines, minimalism  and a neutral palette.  She preferred traditional Spanish or rustic elements with vibrant color.

Establish a palette and overall style

We decided on dark wood floors, stained coffee bean with Benjamin Moore’s Elmira White on most of the walls. The idea with this color combination as to create a more neutral, modern palette as a backdrop for some of the more rustic elements that were added, as well as the original ones. Vibrant colors were added in small doses of fabric and art.

Select materials

We used materials that felt old world or rustic, while planning to fill those spaces minimally with furniture. Again, appealing to both aesthetics.  Old panels were re-purposed as shutters against a new stone wall in the dining room.

Decide on a furniture floorplan

I encourage clients to start thinking about furniture during the construction phase, if not sooner. Furniture placement is a critical element to planning a room. It should be established early so decisions regarding window placement and a lighting plan all make sense.

Here again, we chose a non-traditional furniture arrangement with minimal color and pattern and clean lines. This style of furniture was a nice compliment to the original wood ceiling that was strongly Spanish.

In the end, the home was a perfect blend of both aesthetics.

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